Tuesday, December 25

the berkeley hexagon

hi everyone, it has been a while. I recently made a ecojar for a friend. He goes to uc berkeley in norcal. it's cold and cloudy there all the time, so he wants a piece of tropical rainforest on his dinning table.

the ecosystem was established and calibrated in june this year, and it was transported to berkeley ... but in the last 6 month-ish, crazy stuff happened in there and the ecological dynamics slowly changed in this ecojar. it eventually turned into a swamp. so it is again, re-established and sealed. we will see what it will change into this time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :- )

testimony from a happy costumer: 
"Thank you for ... the ecojar! It brings joy and light (literally) into our lives."

oh, the norcal weather haha