Wednesday, June 22

the reforestation festival

i want to thank joni r. for inviting me to her event and giving me this wonderful opportunity. and also thank you all who showed up at this event and stopped at our table. i'm a science guy who hangs out on the science side of our campus and so hanging out with very legit artists for the first time was very very cool.

Thursday, June 9

forests, faeries, and mudberries: a reforestation festival

we will be featuring our top-of-the-line terrariums at an upcoming event: "forests, faeries, and mudberries: a reforestation festival." this event will also feature many other artists' work, live music, free giveaways, and much more. the purpose of this event is to raise awareness and funding for reforestation of our planet. come to join us and have an awesome time for a good cause.


Saturday, June 18 · 6:30pm - 11:00pm

Santiago Art District Art Walk
656 N Santiago Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 

(on the corner of Santa Ana Blvd and Santiago Blvd (park in the train station parking lot across the street - it's free all night!)
check out the event page on facebook:

newspaper ...

remember that art auction we went to a couple of weeks ago? ... apparently we were reported by a college newspaper, many thanks to writer autri baghkhanian

"Jack P., a second-year earth and environmental sciences major and featured artist, describes himself as a “non-traditional artist.” Jack blends art and science to create self-sustaining terrariums – sealed ecosystems that contain the correct balance of plants, decomposers and water. When asked why he was selling his artwork, Jack replied “I had to move out and I decided, ‘hey, why don’t I just sell it?’” Although the materials and research for the terrariums were very costly, Jack set the asking price low because he recognizes the average student’s budget."

here's the full article:

Diane Oh/New University

a nice review ...

an awesome artist was kind enough to write a review about us. she also invited us to her event, we are deeply honored ... check it out:

"Local artist Jack P. will be showing his ecojars at my Forests, Faeries, and Mudberries: A Reforestation Festival. These gorgeous works of art are fully self contained. When he seals up a piece, the ecosystem within continues to recycle water and grow on its own. He has one that hasn't been exposed to the air since 2006, and it's still growing and glowing with beautiful life."

she is a very talented individual. a musician, a painter, and a writer, here's her website:

ecojar care guide

lighting: terrariums love bright light, but not intense heat. early morning/late afternoon sunlight is ideal, but avoid long periods of direct sunlight. terrariums also do extremely well under almost any artificial lighting, so feel free to place it underneath your table lamp. avoid dark and dim corners.

watering: fully self-contained terrariums do not require watering.
terrariums that are covered but not sealed will lose about 10% of their humidity annually. lightly mist them 1 to 2 times a year to replenish their moisture.
open terrariums require light misting every 2 to 3 weeks.

if you are not sure of when or how much to water, just check the soil's color (wet soil is darker). additionally, you can also check the water level through the glass. just know that over-watering is very dangerous. finally, don’t panic when a little condensation appears on the glass, as this just indicates that the terrarium's hydrological cycle is functioning properly.

please contact us if you have any questions or concerns --

Sunday, June 5

a promo video from a happy ecojar owner

he is the vice president of administrative affairs at the associated students of university of california, irvine.

he runs his own online broadcast "good evenving uci."

he is a happy ecojar owner.

Friday, June 3


ecojar lab is now on twitter

we will use twitter to upload pictures of the beautiful natural scenes from our daily urban lives.