Sunday, May 29


sorry for the picture quality, I took these pictures with my phone-camera.

Thursday, May 26

plant collection

yesterday while i was watering the north american pitcher plants on the balcony, i noticed two little sundews germinated from the soil ... and i didn't even plant them there
very cool

oh by the way, i have a relatively large collection of carnivorous plants ... i'll upload some more pictures soon

an art auction to stop human trafficking

Monday, May 23

m.b. ... forever young ...

Sunday, May 22

"the hydrologist"

this fully self-contained terrarium's theme is low-land rain forest, dedicated to one of world's leading hydrologists.

Monday, May 9

"the lemonade plant"

this terrarium is called "the lemonade plant" ... made for a family man, statesman, warrior, and lover.

"the lemonade plant" & physics